Crossing the Line by Steve Mays

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The line is drawn and you are standing before it. Only one step separates you from giving up your beliefs and yielding to a life of compromise. Are you willing to surrender your convictions for one moment of sin and selfishness - or will you trust God and live in obedience to His Spirit?
In the bible, there was one man that continually crossed the line - Samson. He was a man destined for greatness. He was a man chosen to lead his people.  He was to be an example for others to follow. Yet he never really lived up to all that God had in store for him.
In this candid and penetrating book, Pastor Steve Mays presents a fresh look at how Samson's self-centered life hurt not only him.  His life gave an opportunity for his enemies to mock the very God He had failed to serve.  Samson knew the blessings of God, but chose to waste his life away, ending in apparent defeat and brokenness.  But god was not done with His servant.  In the end, God took a wasted life and made it a trophy of His grace.  It's time for you to surrender and experience a life of love an spiritual restoration.  The choice is yours-what will you do?

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