"Overcoming: Discover How to Rise Above and Beyond Your Overwhelming Circumstances in Life!" By Steve Mays.

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"Bad things can (and do) happen to good people. Sometimes difficult circumstances are the natural result of our own choices, but other times they stem from someone else's bad behavior. Either way, God is calling Christians to move beyond adversity and live a victorious life that brings glory to His name.

Can we overcome our debilitating emotions, Can we rise above our overwhelming circumstances?  Steve Mays insists that we can, and must, with the power of the Holy Spirit.In Overcoming, he offers sound, biblical guidance to those dealing with  discouragement, fear, depression, hostility, and worry and invites them to build character by overcoming distraction, selfishness, and weakness. Finally, he shows readers how to grow by teaching them how to deal with criticism, jealousy, irresponsibility, and suffering.   Discover how you can find victory over your difficult circumstances and pursue God!!"  

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